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5 April 2005

Provided by Lorcan Kiernan from the family Bible, bought in the USA, and handed down by Patsy Kiernan, Letrim Dring.


Pat Kiernan and Rose Kiernan 2nd Feb. 1888

Micheal Sheils and Mary F Kiernan 2nd Mar. 1917

Peter Kiernan and Nellie Treanor 18th Feb. 1925

Dan Reilly and Rose A Kiernan

Laurence Kiernan and Maggie Cosgrave 26th June 1946

Laurence M Kiernan and Mairin Kennedy 11th Oct. 1955

Patrick Kiernan and Marie Cleere

Mark Doyle and Dympna Kiernan 7th Oct. 1972


Mary A Kiernan 12th June 1885

Patrick J Kiernan 15th Aug. 1887

Mary Frances Kiernan 19th Dec 1889 (Pat)

Patrick Kiernan 2nd Dec. 1890 do

Laurence Kiernan 18th Mar. 1893 do

James Kiernan 31st Aug. 1895 do

Peter Kiernan 29th June 1898 do

Rose A Kiernan 27th July 1901 do

Matteaw Shiels 6th May 1919

Patrick Sheils 5th Sept. 1921

Rose Anne Sheils 25th Feb. 1920

Patrick Kiernan 6th Jan. 1926 (Peter )

James Kiernan 6th Jan. 1926 do

Laurence P M Kiernan 2nd May 1928 do

Dympna Mary Kiernan 9th Oct. 1931 do

Mary F Sheil Dec. 1930

Kathleen Reilly Dec. 1930

Laurence J Kiernan 17th Aug. 1956

Peter G E Kiernan 14th Oct. 1958

Timothy A Kiernan 18th Feb. 1961

Mary Giliosa Kiernan 27th June 1963

Colm D Kiernan 25th Dec. 1968


Patrick Kiernan 26th Nov. 1927

Micheal Sheils 12th June 1930

Rose Kiernan 28th Feb 1935

Patrick Kiernan 1st Aug. 1937

James Kiernan 30th June 1954

Mary F Sheils 17th June 1957

Peter Kiernan 18th June 1957

Ellen Kiernan 29th Dec 1957

Rose Anne Reilly 17th Nov 1971

Laurence P M Kiernan 6th Jan. 1977

Laurence Kiernan 30th April 1978

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