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Goery Echo 1978

Gorey Echo 1978

Sent to me by Tom Sheridan. Tom had the stamp itself until ten years ago, when he lost it in a move of house.

Tom said that this stamp, An tostal, was the first large stamp produced in Ireland. Lorcan,  who was acting Town Clerk in Gorey for one year, decided to test the integrity of the postal system.  He reasoned that it was.  The authority of the stamp that demanded its delivery, therefore if he was to post a stamp on its own the Post Office would be obliged to deliver it.

So, he drew a line down the middle of the back of the stamp and put Tom Sheridan’s address on one side, with the message, “See you on Friday, Pearse (which was his middle name). Tom told me that the stamp was specially delivered to him by a postman, who told him to make sure it never happened again.

The story was picked up by the national press, and subsequently international press, as far away as America and Australia. It was an interesting idea with unforeseen repercussions but obviously Lorcan had too much time on his hands.

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Lorcan Kiernan

The Photograph was taken in the late 1940’s, while Lorcan was working at the Wexford County Council. His friend Ger Leahy asked him to look up and quickly took the snap.

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The Colour of Life by Geoff Cronin, Moyhill Publishing, Dublin, Paperback, illustrated, 192 pages, price €9.95.

Extract from a review in the “Wexford Echo” 17 May 2006, by Nicky Furlong

“In 1967 the Wexford Drama Group (along with Monaseed) won top award, as they did consistently in those decades. It was Walter Macken’s “Twilight of a Warrior”. Cronin starred and the cast list aches with memories now: Pauline Rice, Billy Ringwood Jean Goold, Lorcan Kiernan, Nuala Doyle Fergal Cardiff, Noel McGrath and John Pierce Who produced? Who else: but Ned Power.

Geoff won Best Supporting actor the Festival. His involvement was constant while he was in Wexford He was manager of Irish National Insurance with offices in the Bullring. He preceded Dermot Carbury.”

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